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Home-made Clay Mask

A year ago I have tried home-made clay mask and I fell in love with it.. this year I asked my stepmom to make it for me once more so I can take photos and show you guys.. cuz it’s amazing.. so amazing I decided to buy all the ingredients myself.. so feel free to ask  if you want me to make some for you..

So, here is the research: The main ingredient in face masks is Mud or Clay. Clay has been used both internally and externally for healing purposes with excellent results for many centuries. Clay is a solid, fat and moist earth that can be red, green, brown, grey, pink, yellow or white. Each type has its own properties which are determined by where it comes from and how deeply it is mined. Clays are naturally occurring, finely ground rocks composed of various minerals. Most clays are deposited from water and found near river banks and deltas or ocean beds. Loess is deposited from airborne dust. Clays are detoxifying and have a “drawing” action due to their electrically charged particles. Traditionally, clay has been used for its healing, detoxifying and germicidal actions. (source:

Without further ado here are the photos:





















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L’oreal maskare

L’orealova kozmetika mi je daleko najdraža kada je riječ o dostupnosti odnosno asortimanu kozmetike koja se nalazi u DM-u ili sličnim prodavaonicama. Posebno sam zadovoljna njihovim maskarama i trenutno kombiniram Volume Million Lashes, Miss Manga i Miss Hippie, ovisno o raspoloženju ofkors..

Pa krenimo redom… Maskara koju najčešće odaberem (gotovo svako jutro) je Miss Hippie.. što ću, volim velike, guste trepavice koje pomalo podsjećaju na ona koje su bile popularne 50-ih.. općenito volim to razdoblje tako da nisam objektivna… uglavnom, iako je Miss Hippie kreirana s namjerom da zadovolji potrebe ljetnih festivala nisam sigurna da se upravo taj efekt i dobije.. ali možda sam u krivu… bottom line, maskara koja naglašava volumen više nego definiciju samih trepavica..




Miss Manga je upravo nešto između, naglašava definiciju tj. produžava trepavice i dodaje onu količinu volumena kada se želi postići ljetni, lagani no makeup look.. bila mi je favorit dok nisam probala Miss Hippie.. ali svejedno je volim koristiti za svakondevni makeup.. taman za ljeto..




E sada zanimljivost.. sljedeća maskara koja nosi naziv Volume Million Lashes mojim trepavicama daje gotovo nikakav volumen ali zato jaku definiciju (silikonska četkica).. ovo je maskara koja zaista daje efekt million lashes-a i čini ih dužima.. super je u kombinaciji sa lashes primerima i ukoliko se “nadograđuje” moguće je postići dramatični look.. ukratko.. Volume Million Lashes je za mene must have..




Imam potrebu naglasiti kako mi se često dogodi da mi maskare ostvare suprotan efekt od onog kojeg očekujem iz naziva tako da počinjem misliti kako maskare, slično kao i podloge, imaju individualan učinak, stoga.. nemojte se obeshrabriti.. Cijena ovih maskara kreće se od 70 do 100 kn, trajnost im je odlična (barem iz mojeg iskustva) i nisam imala posebnih poteškoća sa odstranjivanjem… sve u svemu, preporučujem..

Mini Lux Life

Inspired by some of Instagram posts lately I decided to make a blog post about the makeup/beauty lux life I’m experiencing atm.

I guess I came to that point in life where I’m more aware of importance of a skin care.. so now I’m more responsible when it comes to make up. For a long time I thought there is no difference between skin products and I still do use some low end drugstore ones, but.. you really do feel the difference when it comes to high end ones..

I use foundation on a daily basis so it was logical that I will invest in a good one, mainly cuz I have it on my face all day long. Browsing thru Internet and beauty blogs I have found couple of good reviews so I played safe and got myself a Chanell and new Dior. Chanell one, from Aqua range, is a light coverage  so it is suitable for day to day use. As I have combined skin type I usually get dry patches around my lips and around my cheeks but my chin and nose do get bit shiny after couple of hours. I find Chanell Aqua foundation suitable for me and it prolongs time when I have to go touch up my makeup.




Dior Forever foundation has a bit more coverage so you will probably have to give a bit more effort in the morning and put some eyshadow, blush and so on too. Nevertheless it foundation that gives you satin finish and it lasts long. Doesn’t move around the face and doesn’t need fixing. You can build it up and still wont feel heavy on face.




Couple of years ago I got my hands on Estee Lauder sample mascara and was really happy with it. As I like big, clumpy lashes this one works for me just fine. Iti s extra black and has big brush the gives you a bit of definition and a lot of volume. It is perfect for daytime but if you build it up you can get dramatic night time lashes as well.




When it comes to lipsticks I still haven’t found my perfect one but Dior Addict range is the one I’m in love atm. It is perfect all around lipstick that gives you a bit of color, a bit of shimmer and a lot of lasting. I’m seriously thinking about investing in another color from the same range.




Gucci Flora perfume I got as a present around 7 years ago i think.. and have been repurchasing it ever since. This is the last one I’ll ever get (and I got it from Prague) because Gucci decided to stop making this specific one and made a range of Flora perfumes.. none of them is good as this one in my opinion..




So, this are my favorite lux makeup and beauty products I’m currently loving.. hope you will try at least one of them..


Fleur de Force “starter kit”

For over a year now I started following couple of Youtube channels, mainly watching vlogs along with makeup tutorials, product reviews, suggestions and tips. At first I have been regularly watching almost all videos from around 10 Youtubers but with time I have made my selection and now I regularly follow only two of them. Lily Pebbles and Fleur de Force are my ultimately favorite persons on Youtube.
Following their channels, not only that I’ve learned much about different products but I also wanted to try more and more of them. The only way to get my hands on most of them is to order them online. Being regular visitor of couple of UK websites that are selling cosmetic products (for couple of obvious reasons) I have came across Fleur de Force makeup line (her launching makeup line was no news to me). So, me being me, i had to have it.
Now, I can proudly say that I’m in possession of The Glam Guide book, Cosmetic bag, Lip gloss in Starry Starry Night, Eye shadow Quad in Lunar Rose and Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur & Fabulous Lashes.
As I follow Fleurs channel I was familiar with all the products and the book topics so I was kinda playing it safe, al tho I knew I will not be dissapointed..



Book itself is a guide (as the title says) so it has all the tips for beginners but is also a good reminder about what every girl/woman should pay attention to. But it’s not that type of a guide that gives you orders and says what you must or musn’t do. So, after reading it completely you will gladly pick it up every now and again just to find inspiration or motivation.
Make up products are what surprised me the most. For that „acceptable“ price you get a lot. Products formula is so good that you will want to use them again.



Eye shadow is pigmented just enough to give you that discrete touch of color but easy to wear and it doesn’t move around your face if you leave it on all day long.



Lip gloss is divine.. easy on the lips but stays on for a looong time. Plus, it smells great.




I don’t have need to particularly describe makeup bag but it won’t hurt if I add that is decent size and good quality material.




Bottom line, Fleur never failed with advice’s about makeup products and she really did save me lot of time (and money) by giving me (and the rest of us) her honest opinion. But she for sure did nailed it with her own line. So, i strongly recommend you to treat yourself and get one or couple of items from her line. Also, I think it’s a great present for someone who is into makeup. Oh, yes, btw. this is so not an advertisement, I just like her and her stuff.
Go and check out for yourself if you don’t believe me…

Real Techniques expert face brush

When it comes to makeup, if you ask me, basically all you need is a good brush.. And a foundation that suits your skin tone.. But mainly you need a good brush.. I have tried many of “cheap” ones but nothing beats Real techniques expert face brush.. The price is around 15€ but is worth much much more.

Expert face brush is synthetic brush made for applying foundation (liquid or cream) and it gives flawless finish. At first it looks quite small for a foundation brush and you will probably think it will be a hard job to cover your entire face but believe me, it will do the job in a second. Most important, this brush will not leave any streaks or foundation lines.. You can use it like a paint brush or in circular motions, it will make no difference..

So, if you are just starting to use make up on daily basis or you are in a hurry (like me in the morning), grab this brush and you will be ready in just couple of seconds..

As far as I know you can only order it online if you are from Croatia.. you can find it on along with other Real Techniques brushes…