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Part 1

Ciao Ileana!

I’m curled up in bed with nothing but a doona to keep me warm, so I thought I’d send you some Snippets of what my life is like!

Where to begin? Well, I’ve been 27 years old now for only a few months, but I’m starting to get a hang of this “adulting” thing. Well, if I’m totally honest I’ve always been rather good at it, but this is the first time in my life I’ve also had a career before me which I’m eager to pursue.

I’ve been many things in the last few years: An Italian Shoe salesman/manager, a “Business Development Executive” (bluegh, what a wanky title) charming other businesses into doing business with my hotel chain, a radio host (unpaid, sadly) for about 3 years… But right now, my dear, I am proud to say I’m a Bartender. Not just any kind of bar mind you: I’m all about that fancy cocktail scene, with incredible spirits that all have unpronounceable names & long histories. I get to play with fire – LITerally? – & spin a cool story about why whatever drink I’m making is exactly what the person in front of me needs right now. As you can tell, I’m rather passionate about it. That’s what happens when you find the right thing that suits you though. I’ve got a very sales-y side to me, along with a creative & theatrical side. This job let’s me employ all those areas of expertise at once, without directly harming the environment, so it’s all win-win.

What else is there to say about my life? I’m incredibly blessed, friends-wise. Melbourne is very rich in high-quality people who smile everyday & want to make the world a better place. So rich, in fact, I have a habit of forming a core group of 20 or so people I’m always rolling with for a couple years, then as things change & I grow up a little more I move on to the next group. There are some good friends who have grown with me through this & I’m so very thankful for it. They’re all talented professionally and just exceptionally good people, so I look forward to the memories we’re gonna make as tine goes by. Ooh, I thought of a fun game. I’ll try to describe some of my favourite friends as concisely as possible. Mat Jones: American, supremely talented musician, & my best friend. Our Bromance is sickeningly cute (think Chandler & Joey from FRIENDS) Chief: 6’5″, sharp minded, well-intentioned & reliably parties into the wee hours with me. Probs. Melbourne’s best laser effect artist currently working. Tiana: Pocket Rocket, champion gymnast trainer & an absolute sweetie. The love of Chief’s life, & the other half to the cutest couple ever. Miers: legendary Techno DJ, and all-round solid human. One of the chillest mofos around… Pretty sure he’s half-cat. Katie: The sweetest thing, always laughing & just a little bundle of joy. When she hiccups (which happens regularly) she squeaks like a mouse: it’s so adorable & probs my favourite sounds in the world ? … I just realised this list could go on forever so I’ll keep it at that for now. Since i feel this long-ass message is about sharing what our lives are like, I might as well give you taste.

As for me, aside from work & friends, the biggest thing in my life is spirituality. I spend a little time everyday meditating, or doing breathing exercises, or just sitting in silence & relishing every titter of birdsong the wind carries to my ears. I’ve taken a widescreen photo of my front yard so you can see where I do most if that, & enjoy my breakfast tea. But yeah I study a lot of weird spiritual stuff. I don’t take all of it too seriously, but a lot of it leaves a tremendous improvement on my life, along with all those I encounter.

Romantically, I’m rather lonely sad to say. I could be killing it if I wasn’t so busy: I keep in rather good shape, and am often called dashing or charming or something along those lines (though never humble?), but I’m holding out for a woman who can keep up with me & my life… & that’s a tall order to fill.

Well, let’s get back to life here. Ummmm… So, if I’m not working, I’m bumming around cocktail bars. Really good ones too, like “top 50 in the world”/top 5 in the Southern Hemisphere kind of good. Because I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve got enough of a rep to get special treatment/discounts which is ace… The problem is I end up boozing at least 5 nights a week. Wait, I just remembered one of those bars keeps a tab open for me under the name “Handsome Alex”? told you my reputation precedes me! Anyway, if I’m not doing that I’m probably writing. Last we spoke I think I sent you some of my poetry. I’ve taken a hiatus since then, but am just now getting back into the swing of things. Pretty excited about the story I’m working on right noe in fact.

So yeah life is great & I’m spoiled for opportunity, however I still get massively bummed sometimes. Oh, & this city is trying to bleed me dry. The land of opportunity, but so expensive!

Now… Your turn! Tell me all about your life & every little detail which makes it yours.

Stage 1

If i went into the details of this entire process this would be more of a Stage 15-16 or even more, but since this is actually the point at which i decided to write this up i am going to call it the first one. I might even do pre-stage sections to illustrate the points leading up to this but without further delays… I will document the process of building up a roof (in no way whatsoever a professional process) on my makeshift garage. A while back during the hot summer days i had to find some shade at home for my car (which i love  almost above anything else) because black car = incredibly hot temperatures inside during summer… so during those summer days on a pretty firm construction of concrete and steel tubes i decided to place  a protective cover to act as just that, protection. Initially it was designed to block only the sun, but during the upcoming rainy period there were quite a few issues with it tackling the rain… amongst else there was also the fact that there where i live it can get quite windy and it only adds to the problems needed to tackle.


So a couple of days ago i decided to do an upgrade, the protective cover will be replace by a firm roof design with the first layer begin wooden planks firmly grasped unto steel tubes. Of course that meant removing everything i set in place to make sure that the protective cover could withstand problems mentioned before. So i began first by removing all the ropes tied around and zip-ties holding the cover down to the tubes. Whilst i was doing that a thought crossed my mind… its way easier to destroy something than it is to build it. To deconstruct something it takes a matter of minutes, while in order to build the same thing it takes multiple hours, maybe even days… i know if we look at the collective time and count in the failures and the fix it on the go situations it sums up to a couple of days for sure. To build something you need to set up a plan, a plan that no matter how hard you try to calculate for all those unknow variables x,y,z,g … you will never be able to match just quite all of them, not if its the first time doing such a thing. So that plan ends up being changed, upgraded or even scratched and a new one made. But i also was quite proud at how much i learned and what i accomplished. During this stage i realized just how tough i made the cover to be, and i am sure that if i had to i could rebuild it back inside just a couple of hours instead of days.  But as it usually goes in order for new things to come old things have to go, so here are a couple of pictures of the removal process. Protective cover went away and was packed, the rope that was zig zagged around in order to make water not make small lakes over the central area was packed as well. Took measurements for the supporting wooden beams that will be mounted next to steel tubes and bought screws to keep it all in place. Next step? Drilling holes onto the steel tubes, which mind you will be interesting. I mentioned i love my car right? Well those steel tubes are thick, and i mean real solid, an angle grinder had trouble cutting trough it and it took around 2 minutes to cut trough the metal so i am eager to see how a steel drill bit will do against it. But no more thoughts for now, i haven’t intended for this to be this long anyway but once i started to type it got easier to put it all out.


Bout Him, Books and Challenges …. part two

Hello to my numerous audience of 2…and thats not counting the bunny

It took me a bit over a month to write this one..what can I say…I have been busy bee … with loads of stuff that I will prolly write about in another month 🙂

So where were we…

Ah challenge part 2.

Last time I wrote about first 8 books I read in 2016..and we finished on R.A.Salvatores Archmage…witch was just pure awsomnessss


Next 2 books on the list I got from my mate..well I got all 10 of the books from the series but read those two first then..and am at the moment reading third book. The books r from Shadows of Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. As I said these books were given to me by a mate so I had no idea what to expect from them. As I said I m at the moment reading third book so they r good…not I m gonna read all 10 in a row good…but good nuff. I m hoping they get better with each book. What I liked about them is the concept of races in this series…people aren’t divided by color of their skin but by their heritage…meaning what kind of “bug” they are…

The series is set in a hypothetical universe populated by different “kinden”. Each kinden is a fictional race of humans, named after (and having certain characteristics of) an insect. Kinden are typically divided into two categories: “Apt” and “Inapt”. The Apt do not have magical abilities, but are able to understand, use and design mechanical devices. The Inapt have varying amounts of magical abilities, but cannot use mechanical devices, even those as simple as latches. The series focuses on the attempted conquest of the Lowlands by the Wasp-kinden empire or better said it focuses on the merry band of rebels trying to stop Wasps from conquest.


Next three books I read were from Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series written by Brian Staveley. Again a new series, a new author..had 0 expectation from it…basically I bought them couze I liked how their covers looked. The critics said the series was epic read…I will have to disagree…

Book 1 I loved and really went trough it fast..but book 2 & 3 were kinda boring and couldn’t wait to finish them…also the ending made about 0 sense to me .. but hey …as they say “To each its own”


Next one…the number 14…that was really me going into the no man zone…my first ever Star Wars book….

Me being a nerd I m, I always wanted to read Star Wars books…but thing was by the time I could afford buying books there were about gazillion Star Wars books out there already…so i gave up on it at that time…

Then Disney came, bought Star Wars and did something every Star Wars fan will hate them for…said all the old books don’t matter anymore and they will write new stories for Star Wars.

Fans will hate them for it but I love gave me an excuse to start buying them and this time I will actually be able to read them in some normal order. So I got myself Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig. I was disappointed that there were no Jedi or Sith in it but all in all it was a good read and I will be giving Star Wars a shot…as I m writing this there should be a new Star Wars book flying to me with the new batch of books I ordered last week.

Number 15 and 16 on my list were really good reads.


First one was a new author…for me at least..but he already has like 20+ books published so he isn’t new for everyone else.  So I got my self Jim Butchers The Dresden Files #1: Storm Front. And I loved it…I mean whats there not to love…wizard private detective, who is semi alcoholic and is always broke…and to top it all off he has a horny 200 year old ghost in his basement. Anyway loved the book…took me exactly 4 days to go trough it. And then I flipped…as there r 16 books already published it will be near impossible to find them all in hardcover….and I hate paperback..I hate it so much that I could write a post solely about my hatred for paperback books…but I guess we ll see…as they say..everyone loves a good challenge.


After that came jewel of my last batch of books..Brandon Sandersons Mistbor series: The Bands of Mourning. It took me 3 days to go from cover to cover  and i loved every second of the ride. Just when you think Sanderson cant surprise you anymore he goes and blows your mind again and again and again with his twists n turns…wont spoil much of it but it is definitely a splendid read and I recommend it to everyone out there

I m almost at the end of my list so bear with me 🙂


Entering into books 17 to 22 now …. these were all from Pittacus Lore the I m number Four series. This was my third reading of this series…as i had book number 6 on shelve since new year but never read it…and then I saw that final book of the series is getting published this month..or by now it was already published I decided to read whole series one more time so I can wrap it up next month when I get myself that last book. What to say bout this one…well it falls into Young Adult SF meaning it has decent story but there will come a time where main character will have to decided if he wants to save the world or is he gonna kiss his girlfriend…but then again..that is why it s YOUNG ADULT SF…with focus on YOUNG. All in all it is a fun read and I actually had a shocker in book number 6 that I didn’t expect to see…

And last book I finished yesterday was book number 3 from Shadows of Apt series.

Anyway that’s all from me for now…I m off to post office to pick up next batch of books…there should be some interesting stuff to write bout them soon…



Bout some different kind of challenges…

Hey there, me again..

In my earlier post I was talking bout my book challenge this year…well now I m gonna talk bout another kind of challenge I have taken about month ago.

Everyone that knows me knows I was never into sports, well I wouldn’t say I was never into them..I tried many sports over the years but lets face it I sucked big time at every single one of them…best I did was be a replacement goalkeeper in soccer team 🙂 that’s how bad I m at sports. In global only sports I have ever enjoyed being part of were E-sports but we ll talk bout those some other time.

So where was I…yes..

Everyone that knows me will tell you how i spent my high school and uni days either:

  1. reading books
  2. watching anime’s
  3. playing video games


Well as it usually happens real life ran me over like a train in my later years and I had back problems, gained some weight etc. etc.

So some 2 years ago I decided to enroll into gym with my mate that’s crazy bout gym and sports in general. He ran our training sessions like he was a military training Sargent and I was a new recruit…lets just say there was a lot of shouting, screaming and cursing in between sessions of squats pushups and cardio….all in all I hated it …until I stopped hating it and started enjoying training in the gym…

Anyway now we come to the challenge part…about 2 months ago that mate of mine told me we r going to run annual  Dubrovnik Half-Marathon…for those of you who r clueless like I was a half marathon is 21km long race 🙂

So we decided we r gonna roll with it and go run it.

As I said I m not a sports person so I decided to go slow and small…my goal was to finish the race..and if possible finish it within 3 hour time limit the organizers said the race will be on.

As it usually is with me,  my preparations were practically non existent…inter-webs said that you need 14 weeks training for half marathon..I had 5 weeks…the proposed gear for running such distances wasn’t remotely similar to the gear I had…lets just say people laughed at us when they saw in what gear we r running. So our 5 weeks of training passed fairly quickly and to say the least I wasn’t even close to ready for this race…even I didn’t believe I can finish I went and lowered my expectation a bit…new goal..finish at least half of Half 11 km goal. 11 km was the longest distance i ran in my practice runs so I knew I can do that one.

The day of the race was here, I put my gear on and we went to the start line. She just told me to not die trying 🙂

There was a huge crowd at the start line, all in all about 800 runners started that race. The weather was crappy and bit before start of the race it started raining…in retrospective I m grateful for that rain now, but when it started I was cursing the gods…

And we were off…we hit the 1km was good i was good and it was fun. Around 5 km run I was thinking along lines…look at me running this thing..I m doing it.

There were two things that really surprised me that day.

First of all it was the crowd..I was shocked to see how many people gathered to cheer for us..all 800 of us even tho it was raining and they probably had something better to do that day. There were groups at 3 spots along the route that had drums out and were drumming us on and at the 11th kilometer there was a band playing Eye of a tiger for us…picture that..I was Rocky running those steps in Philly at that moment 🙂

Second thing that really surprised me were the runners it self..they were all friendly, everyone was cheering for you and pushing you to your limit. It felt really good be part of such an event.

So to cut things short that race was my was a fight between me and my body and my will to finish the race..and trust me somewhere around 18th kilometer I was about ready to send it all to hell and give up..I probably would have if there weren’t people around me to push me on.


All in all I ran my first Half marathon and it felt bloody great..and best took me 2 and half hours and I wasn’t the last in the race as well..I ended bout 400th out of 800 people that started the race. And I even got a medal for my effort.


Will I go again next year..don’t know… depends…but I m bloody glad I did it this year…




Bout Him, Books and Challanges

Dear diary…wait no not diary that’s too old fashion…new kids wouldn’t know what a diary is anymore.

Anyway dear blogdom here goes my first blog post…its about 3 weeks late since the last time She reminded me to write it, and about month and half since the first time She asked me to write it.

So its Him, or at least part of Him that actually managed to wake up this morning.

So where was I….yes my first official blog post. I m still new to this so bear with will take me some time to figure out how all this works.

You ll notice that i m pretty geeky person and will probably write bout geeky stuff..mainly books or games..or both..I guess we ll see…

So today i m gonna write a bit bout books…

I m a pretty big book worm and i read a come new year 2016. I started a challenge with my self…to read 1 book per week in 2016.

So its 52 weeks in a year, 1 book per week, 52 books….sounded bloody easy on 1st of January. Now we r mid May and i m exactly 4 books behind my schedule. Guess real life is ruining my challenge. On the bright side i ll have more free time come summer and will get back on track..who knows maybe i ll even get ahead of plan 🙂

So today i wont write about any one book in specific..I will go trough the list of books i read so far and write a short comment on those.

Just bear with me i need to find that bloody paper i wrote the list on….

Here we go…


So as i said this all started on New year, and as She is awsomeee she gave me all 5 books of Mistborn series as Xmas present under the Xmas tree so i had some good reading materials to start my challenge with.

In between Xmas and New Year i read Book #1 of the Mistborn series so it didn’t end on my list.

So books #2 to 5 of the Mistborn series written by Brandon Sanderson were first on my reading list. This was my second read of the original trilogy and i loved it as much as first time i read it. Mistborn series is one of best works by Brandon Sanderson so far..very interesting characters, settings and “magic” system or as they call it Alomancy. If anyone missed this and is a fantasy geek like me go get wont be sorry.

Fifth book i read in 2016. was also Xmas present..from my sister…you will notice how i m easy to buy for..just get me cant go wrong there.

It was Magnus Chase book by Rick Riordan. To be honest i think i “outgrew” Riordans books..i don’t enjoy them as much as i did when i was a bit younger and they don’t make me lol as much as the did (stupid real life and growing up..grrr) but i guess i m still reading them..i mean i have all of his books till would be a shame to stop reading it after so many years. So if you r a bit younger or maybe have a younger sibling you would like to throw into the jaws of fantasy books i gladly recommend Riordans books, especially his Percy Jackson series.

Number 6 on the list is Sand by Hugh is a short sf/post-something book that’s placed on our beloved Earth…but for some reasons the earth we know is now a sand wasteland..with all our nice skyscrapers now under ton of sand. Book follows a sand diver on his adventures…oh well i wont tell the whole story here…go and read it yourself..its nice light read..

In the tone of post-something books next one is post-apocaliptic/vampires kill the humanity book by Justin Cronin called Passage. Passage is actually second book in the series with the third and final book coming soon or maybe it was already released(mental note to myself..check amazon for that book).


Then i started on R.A. Salvateores Archmage book. You can say what ever you want bout Salvatore and his Drizzt can love it or hate it..but i will prolly be reading his work when i m 70. He s one of the authors and characters that i grew up with. I remember my first Drizzt book was somewhere in high i have been reading Salvatores books for past 10-13 years…so you could say Drizzt is more like a good mate then a fictional character…you could even say some of his moral dilemmas and decisions affected how i ended up as a “grown up” as well. By now Salvatore published next book in the series..its siting in my amazon basket waiting for next batch of books i order.

Writing is kinda tiring…why wasn’t i warned bout this…grrr.

Anyway i ll stop here and continue with my ramblings and second half of my list in some future blog post…lets just hope it doesn’t take me another month and a half to finish it.