When I grow up I wanna be myself. I was lucky enough to realize that quite early. And I think (hope) I’m on a good way of becoming that.
I’m passionate about almost everything and I can find inspiration in almost anything. Unfortunately that spark usually lasts only for a short while.
Then I find something else I’m passionate about. My mum often calls me goldfish because of that. And because I have really short term memory.
But I’m thankful for my intuition. It guides me through everything.
Anyway, let me tell you what I’m passionate about. Or better said, what I’m passionate about in this specific moment.
First, that would be music. Everything is better with music. Also, I think I like art. Art history to be precise. But I don’t have favorite artist. I have to figure that out yet.
I’m in love with nature, with sunrises and sunsets, and sky and sea, and trees and mountains. I love rain. I love bunnies. I love everything around us.
But I love clouds the most. Ok, maybe I love stars a bit more.
I don’t like picking something to be my favorite „thing“ because I always get that feeling that the „thing“ that is not picked to be favorite is
not getting all the attention it deserves.
On the other hand, I also have things I dislike. I dislike feathers. To be honest, feathers scare the sh*t out of me.
Therefor I dislike birds. Not because they are birds but because they have feathers.
I don’t like chocolate much either. I don’t like mornings but I’m doing my best to change that. I don’t like being cold. And I don’t like being interrupted.
I don’t like being put in a „box“ and I don’t like being normal.
I’m afraid of few things I dare to say. I’m afraid of losing my memory, of people „leaving“ and of being left alone with myself.
I believe in a few things too. I believe in karma, destiny, reincarnation, love at first sight and true love in general.
Sometimes I believe there is still some good left in people.
I admire people who know who they are, what they want and where they are going.
Do you have a picture of who I am already or should I continue??