Part 1

Ciao Ileana!

I’m curled up in bed with nothing but a doona to keep me warm, so I thought I’d send you some Snippets of what my life is like!

Where to begin? Well, I’ve been 27 years old now for only a few months, but I’m starting to get a hang of this “adulting” thing. Well, if I’m totally honest I’ve always been rather good at it, but this is the first time in my life I’ve also had a career before me which I’m eager to pursue.

I’ve been many things in the last few years: An Italian Shoe salesman/manager, a “Business Development Executive” (bluegh, what a wanky title) charming other businesses into doing business with my hotel chain, a radio host (unpaid, sadly) for about 3 years… But right now, my dear, I am proud to say I’m a Bartender. Not just any kind of bar mind you: I’m all about that fancy cocktail scene, with incredible spirits that all have unpronounceable names & long histories. I get to play with fire – LITerally? – & spin a cool story about why whatever drink I’m making is exactly what the person in front of me needs right now. As you can tell, I’m rather passionate about it. That’s what happens when you find the right thing that suits you though. I’ve got a very sales-y side to me, along with a creative & theatrical side. This job let’s me employ all those areas of expertise at once, without directly harming the environment, so it’s all win-win.

What else is there to say about my life? I’m incredibly blessed, friends-wise. Melbourne is very rich in high-quality people who smile everyday & want to make the world a better place. So rich, in fact, I have a habit of forming a core group of 20 or so people I’m always rolling with for a couple years, then as things change & I grow up a little more I move on to the next group. There are some good friends who have grown with me through this & I’m so very thankful for it. They’re all talented professionally and just exceptionally good people, so I look forward to the memories we’re gonna make as tine goes by. Ooh, I thought of a fun game. I’ll try to describe some of my favourite friends as concisely as possible. Mat Jones: American, supremely talented musician, & my best friend. Our Bromance is sickeningly cute (think Chandler & Joey from FRIENDS) Chief: 6’5″, sharp minded, well-intentioned & reliably parties into the wee hours with me. Probs. Melbourne’s best laser effect artist currently working. Tiana: Pocket Rocket, champion gymnast trainer & an absolute sweetie. The love of Chief’s life, & the other half to the cutest couple ever. Miers: legendary Techno DJ, and all-round solid human. One of the chillest mofos around… Pretty sure he’s half-cat. Katie: The sweetest thing, always laughing & just a little bundle of joy. When she hiccups (which happens regularly) she squeaks like a mouse: it’s so adorable & probs my favourite sounds in the world ? … I just realised this list could go on forever so I’ll keep it at that for now. Since i feel this long-ass message is about sharing what our lives are like, I might as well give you taste.

As for me, aside from work & friends, the biggest thing in my life is spirituality. I spend a little time everyday meditating, or doing breathing exercises, or just sitting in silence & relishing every titter of birdsong the wind carries to my ears. I’ve taken a widescreen photo of my front yard so you can see where I do most if that, & enjoy my breakfast tea. But yeah I study a lot of weird spiritual stuff. I don’t take all of it too seriously, but a lot of it leaves a tremendous improvement on my life, along with all those I encounter.

Romantically, I’m rather lonely sad to say. I could be killing it if I wasn’t so busy: I keep in rather good shape, and am often called dashing or charming or something along those lines (though never humble?), but I’m holding out for a woman who can keep up with me & my life… & that’s a tall order to fill.

Well, let’s get back to life here. Ummmm… So, if I’m not working, I’m bumming around cocktail bars. Really good ones too, like “top 50 in the world”/top 5 in the Southern Hemisphere kind of good. Because I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve got enough of a rep to get special treatment/discounts which is ace… The problem is I end up boozing at least 5 nights a week. Wait, I just remembered one of those bars keeps a tab open for me under the name “Handsome Alex”? told you my reputation precedes me! Anyway, if I’m not doing that I’m probably writing. Last we spoke I think I sent you some of my poetry. I’ve taken a hiatus since then, but am just now getting back into the swing of things. Pretty excited about the story I’m working on right noe in fact.

So yeah life is great & I’m spoiled for opportunity, however I still get massively bummed sometimes. Oh, & this city is trying to bleed me dry. The land of opportunity, but so expensive!

Now… Your turn! Tell me all about your life & every little detail which makes it yours.