Month : November 2016

Part 2

Bello Alex!! (I watched Minions couple of days ago)

Wow! I really like the direction your „life“ is going right now and I’m sure it will only get better from this point on.

I have been thinking about what to write you for a couple of days now and I must tell you, it was not easy to summarize my entire existence and pin point only those things that are important for you to get the proper picture while paying attention this message not to be (too) long. Basically I decided to use your message concept and devide my life into categories. Heads up: this message will not include me moaning about smth. Success!  It is really early atm and I’m sipping my coffee, waiting for my hair to dry while Destiny’s Child -Say my name- song is playing on the radio. So, here we go..

I’m 28 years old for a while now and I still have no idea what I’m doing.. some days I enjoy adult life, I mean, I get excited about new cleaning product or a new pair of sheets, but I also get easily annoyed with all this “needs to take care of yourself” nonsense.. I’m still working at the same place, aka I have the same job I started couple of months after I finished Uni. It’s a job in Department for entrepreneurship, tourism and the sea in front of City of Dubrovnik (It will be 5 years I’m here this December) . Generally, I like the job, and all the freedom it gives me, but I’m not sure it’s the job I want to do till retirement. But I have stuff I’m doing as a side job and a hobby. There is this one IT firm I freelance at.. I have couple of people I can discuss all my crazy ideas with and people that are motivated and brave enough to make them come to life. Well, at least the ones they think are cool and implementable.. I still have couple of ideas stashed in the back of my head but I was told it will be a bit harder to make them come to life.. literally.. (one of the ideas includes Jarvis).. and last couple of days I have been thinking about starting a new (data mining) company but I believe that it is still not legal to “mine that data” in Croatia.. I have to do my research..

When I’m not working or working, I am doing stuff for Photo club (is that even an English word?) , basically I’m sorting out the bills and writing projects so we can apply for more funds.. fun times.. photography wise, beside all the extra money vanishing on new lenses and additional equipment, I have met some really interesting, fun and enthusiastic people that I just love spending time with.. also, any extra moment I get I use for redecorating my blog page, I’m writing down ideas for new posts and stuff like that.. working on a blog includes researching and experimenting with make up and I think I will try more natural cosmetics in near future.. I got in contact with aromatherapy and essential oils so I’ll probably try it and make something on my own. There are times I get fed up with all of the above and then I’m not doing anything.. by not doing anything I mean I’m watching tv shows (atm. Devious maids, Mistresses and Unreal), playing video games (atm. Unravel) or reading a book (atm. Me before you) or Cosmopolitan.. guitar is back in action as well (I still suck at it).. I also go to the gym (3-4 times a week) so I can keep my head clear, mind straight and body tired.. days I’m not at the gym I go for a long-er walks.. that I enjoy so much..

Friends wise, most of my “social” time I spend chatting/txting (distance issue) or bothering the ones that are close in person .. there is 2 girls and 5 guys ( I won’t even bother to explain why that’s the ratio) that I spend most of my time with, but the “gang” is large and so different, so I think I’m very similar to you in that way..

The other thing that is important to me (that is the same in your case too) is spirituality as well.. atm I’m doing bit of reading the An Ascension Handbook: Material Channeled from Serapis by Tony Stubbs and I find it quite inspiring so check it out if you get the chance.. it’s more back to basics, and I kinda needed that.. I’m trying to find someone here that is more spiritual then religious but it’s not easy.. but I’m not giving up as well so, all good.. I think.. Oh yes, and one more thing u might find important.. I’m in the process of getting my drivers license..wooopwoop.. and I tooootally got hooked up on this one car.. heaven help me.. (sideinfo:we still drive stick)..

As I said this message won’t be long, I have to stop right away.. hope to hear more form you soon.. XOXO

Dubrovnik Meal Delivery


Today’s surprise lunch delivery TO THE OFFICE requires urgent and immediate post publishing..







Bottom line, the delivery was right on time, food delicious and service professional.. there is nothing more I could ask for on a busy day.. so here is where you have to go/who you gonna call
+385 91 604 9696 .. they have Facebook: @DubrovnikMealDelivery and Instagram: dubrovnikmealdelivery and lots of good food..

Part 1

Ciao Ileana!

I’m curled up in bed with nothing but a doona to keep me warm, so I thought I’d send you some Snippets of what my life is like!

Where to begin? Well, I’ve been 27 years old now for only a few months, but I’m starting to get a hang of this “adulting” thing. Well, if I’m totally honest I’ve always been rather good at it, but this is the first time in my life I’ve also had a career before me which I’m eager to pursue.

I’ve been many things in the last few years: An Italian Shoe salesman/manager, a “Business Development Executive” (bluegh, what a wanky title) charming other businesses into doing business with my hotel chain, a radio host (unpaid, sadly) for about 3 years… But right now, my dear, I am proud to say I’m a Bartender. Not just any kind of bar mind you: I’m all about that fancy cocktail scene, with incredible spirits that all have unpronounceable names & long histories. I get to play with fire – LITerally? – & spin a cool story about why whatever drink I’m making is exactly what the person in front of me needs right now. As you can tell, I’m rather passionate about it. That’s what happens when you find the right thing that suits you though. I’ve got a very sales-y side to me, along with a creative & theatrical side. This job let’s me employ all those areas of expertise at once, without directly harming the environment, so it’s all win-win.

What else is there to say about my life? I’m incredibly blessed, friends-wise. Melbourne is very rich in high-quality people who smile everyday & want to make the world a better place. So rich, in fact, I have a habit of forming a core group of 20 or so people I’m always rolling with for a couple years, then as things change & I grow up a little more I move on to the next group. There are some good friends who have grown with me through this & I’m so very thankful for it. They’re all talented professionally and just exceptionally good people, so I look forward to the memories we’re gonna make as tine goes by. Ooh, I thought of a fun game. I’ll try to describe some of my favourite friends as concisely as possible. Mat Jones: American, supremely talented musician, & my best friend. Our Bromance is sickeningly cute (think Chandler & Joey from FRIENDS) Chief: 6’5″, sharp minded, well-intentioned & reliably parties into the wee hours with me. Probs. Melbourne’s best laser effect artist currently working. Tiana: Pocket Rocket, champion gymnast trainer & an absolute sweetie. The love of Chief’s life, & the other half to the cutest couple ever. Miers: legendary Techno DJ, and all-round solid human. One of the chillest mofos around… Pretty sure he’s half-cat. Katie: The sweetest thing, always laughing & just a little bundle of joy. When she hiccups (which happens regularly) she squeaks like a mouse: it’s so adorable & probs my favourite sounds in the world ? … I just realised this list could go on forever so I’ll keep it at that for now. Since i feel this long-ass message is about sharing what our lives are like, I might as well give you taste.

As for me, aside from work & friends, the biggest thing in my life is spirituality. I spend a little time everyday meditating, or doing breathing exercises, or just sitting in silence & relishing every titter of birdsong the wind carries to my ears. I’ve taken a widescreen photo of my front yard so you can see where I do most if that, & enjoy my breakfast tea. But yeah I study a lot of weird spiritual stuff. I don’t take all of it too seriously, but a lot of it leaves a tremendous improvement on my life, along with all those I encounter.

Romantically, I’m rather lonely sad to say. I could be killing it if I wasn’t so busy: I keep in rather good shape, and am often called dashing or charming or something along those lines (though never humble?), but I’m holding out for a woman who can keep up with me & my life… & that’s a tall order to fill.

Well, let’s get back to life here. Ummmm… So, if I’m not working, I’m bumming around cocktail bars. Really good ones too, like “top 50 in the world”/top 5 in the Southern Hemisphere kind of good. Because I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve got enough of a rep to get special treatment/discounts which is ace… The problem is I end up boozing at least 5 nights a week. Wait, I just remembered one of those bars keeps a tab open for me under the name “Handsome Alex”? told you my reputation precedes me! Anyway, if I’m not doing that I’m probably writing. Last we spoke I think I sent you some of my poetry. I’ve taken a hiatus since then, but am just now getting back into the swing of things. Pretty excited about the story I’m working on right noe in fact.

So yeah life is great & I’m spoiled for opportunity, however I still get massively bummed sometimes. Oh, & this city is trying to bleed me dry. The land of opportunity, but so expensive!

Now… Your turn! Tell me all about your life & every little detail which makes it yours.