Stage 1

If i went into the details of this entire process this would be more of a Stage 15-16 or even more, but since this is actually the point at which i decided to write this up i am going to call it the first one. I might even do pre-stage sections to illustrate the points leading up to this but without further delays… I will document the process of building up a roof (in no way whatsoever a professional process) on my makeshift garage. A while back during the hot summer days i had to find some shade at home for my car (which i love  almost above anything else) because black car = incredibly hot temperatures inside during summer… so during those summer days on a pretty firm construction of concrete and steel tubes i decided to place  a protective cover to act as just that, protection. Initially it was designed to block only the sun, but during the upcoming rainy period there were quite a few issues with it tackling the rain… amongst else there was also the fact that there where i live it can get quite windy and it only adds to the problems needed to tackle.


So a couple of days ago i decided to do an upgrade, the protective cover will be replace by a firm roof design with the first layer begin wooden planks firmly grasped unto steel tubes. Of course that meant removing everything i set in place to make sure that the protective cover could withstand problems mentioned before. So i began first by removing all the ropes tied around and zip-ties holding the cover down to the tubes. Whilst i was doing that a thought crossed my mind… its way easier to destroy something than it is to build it. To deconstruct something it takes a matter of minutes, while in order to build the same thing it takes multiple hours, maybe even days… i know if we look at the collective time and count in the failures and the fix it on the go situations it sums up to a couple of days for sure. To build something you need to set up a plan, a plan that no matter how hard you try to calculate for all those unknow variables x,y,z,g … you will never be able to match just quite all of them, not if its the first time doing such a thing. So that plan ends up being changed, upgraded or even scratched and a new one made. But i also was quite proud at how much i learned and what i accomplished. During this stage i realized just how tough i made the cover to be, and i am sure that if i had to i could rebuild it back inside just a couple of hours instead of days.  But as it usually goes in order for new things to come old things have to go, so here are a couple of pictures of the removal process. Protective cover went away and was packed, the rope that was zig zagged around in order to make water not make small lakes over the central area was packed as well. Took measurements for the supporting wooden beams that will be mounted next to steel tubes and bought screws to keep it all in place. Next step? Drilling holes onto the steel tubes, which mind you will be interesting. I mentioned i love my car right? Well those steel tubes are thick, and i mean real solid, an angle grinder had trouble cutting trough it and it took around 2 minutes to cut trough the metal so i am eager to see how a steel drill bit will do against it. But no more thoughts for now, i haven’t intended for this to be this long anyway but once i started to type it got easier to put it all out.