Red lipstick can change your life..

Today I got ready on time .. so I had 30 seconds extra to put on the lipstick.. red.. cuz its rainy day so I had to brighten it up a bit.. I left the apartment at exactly 7:40, time the bus leaves the starting bus stop.. there are 4 stops till mine and I have enough time to cross the street.. yes, that’s how far my bus stop is.. the bus was late.. and the light rain already started.. while standing there, waiting, I was looking towards my balcony.. there was gym clothes still outside.. that didn’t bother me too much..i wondered where did I put my headphones and was thinking how I must carry them with me at all times.. the bus arrived.. I sat down at my usual seat.. but this morning there were a guy and a girl in sea kayaking  t-shirts just the opposite of me.. the girl was holding a mug and a fork.. but she ate all that was in that mug so I couldn’t figure out what she had for breakfast, unfortunately.. that reminded me.. long time ago I went to a friend’s house with my coffee mug.. and that was considered strange.. so I never did that again.. but to be honest, that girl was a refreshment to me, despite all this rain.. and I’m thankful for that.. ride to work was longer than usual.. there are exactly 6 bus stops, including the last one.. but as soon rain comes down, in this town, all the drivers forget how to drive and then there’s chaos.. that gave me extra time to listen what they were talking about.. luckily I didn’t have headphones with me.. so, the guy was from Zagreb and the girl was not from Croatia.. and they were selling tourist tour guides during the summer.. the guy was funny.. bit geeky.. tall and was wearing shorts.. so his head looked even bigger.. I have theory about that, is not just another nonsense I say.. they were talking about a guy named Luka.. I didn’t care much about that.. at that point lawyer in me started to speak.. it is obvious that girl is selling tours.. she had a t-shirt and everything so I think that’s her job.. but she is not from Croatia.. so it’s logical the boss is paying her cash for her work.. which is not legal much..  and they are working in the very center of this small town.. and they don’t care.. that got me thinking.. does anyone cares about anything these days? There was a lady in the middle of the bus, with a stroller for 3 kids.. no one gave a damn about her being able/not able  to pull the stroller out of the bus or not.. cuz no one cared.. I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts.. so I headed towards the office.. passed by a lady that works in the same building.. she was waiting in front of the bakery.. we said good morning to each other and she made a comment about how she’s hungry already.. I nodded, smiled at her and continued to the office… then I thought.. did I care?

I did..

I do…