In desperate attempt to grow up they have lost..

In desperate attempt to grow up they have lost.. EVERYTHING.. by everything I mean everything that is making them “human”.. they lost their giggles, their playfulness, their kindness, their life spark..

When you get to a certain age you just have to play by certain rules.. so they say.. although you have that extraordinary opportunity to make your life just the way you want it to be, you get so obsessed by the rules you want to follow.. just so you can fulfill your egos wishes and feel “important”.. cuz that’s all there is.. feeding your far back as you can remember you wanted to be “older”.. so you pretend to be “grown up”, you play silly games, you imitate your parents or any person you look up to, you are so desperate to start an adult life  you can’t think of anything else you would rather do/be.. but that game never ends.. you just go deeper.. you get to that point where you find a job/life you are not happy about, and you settle with that, cuz that’s the first rule.. then you have to be angry about the job/life and you have to be tired and you have to nag about it all day,every day.. and that is your reflection now… cuz that’s the rule no. 2.. then you may not have any ideas/thoughts/sayings that will present you as silly or childish cuz lets face it, you have an important job/life now.. and you have to remain important.. so all the ideas/thoughts/sayings that may ruin your image, that you have been building since you were five, might get crushed in a second..  and you don’t want that.. cuz of that rule no. 1.. while feeding your ego with the nonsense society thought you, you forget to smile.. you forget to smile only cuz clouds exists or cuz the grass is wet, you forget how to giggle when you remember something funny, you forget to laugh cuz that is not cool.. and all of a sudden idea of being an astronaut is out of the question.. cuz its not realistic.. more so, its childish.. cuz you know, you are of a certain age now.. and important nevertheless.. remember the rule no1.?

Would you believe me if I told you that there is only one person I know at this very moment that is genuinely not afraid to laugh?

And you know what? It doesn’t surprise me.. in order to be acknowledged in todays world.. among your friends and family, coworkers and a random people you are going to meet at the grocery store.. it is not recommendable to say hi to a dog, ask a random question or to go for a “no destination” ride .. you just don’t do that anymore.. cuz you are tired, and busy and important now..

But you know what? I refuse to be that person.. I might find it quite appealing  to be just another brick in the wall right now.. but I don’t think that’s for me..