When a real life interrupts my daydreaming I’m not too happy about it but hey, we all have to make a living..  sucks to be us..

Although, I don’t have as much time to think about random stuff I usually do when on vacation, there is one thought that I just can’t shake off so easily..  or to be precise, I can’t shake it off at all..
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Couple of recent events inspired me to think more about coincidences in life.. is there even such thing as coincidence? And what is opposite? Fate? Destiny? Grand master plan for each and every one of us? As I’m trying to be optimistic about every situation in life, past or future, after considering every option, I kind of decided to think that everything happens for a reason. I mean, how can you explain something, what you once thought is just a random situation that happened when you were just a silly kid, can have such an influence on who you are today.. and after that thought everything got so much more complicated (only in my head tho, which is good).. as I believe in reincarnation (don’t judge) I thought, why would I exclude all the random situations ever happened to me.. random situation… random.. does randomness even exist? Chaos theory.. that makes sense.. everything is related, everything is with purpose and pattern.. but what’s my pattern.. do I have one.. how do I find out what’s my pattern.. I want to find my pattern.. see, chaos already..

Back to basics, thing that bothers me, is that magical feeling we all have.. like we have right to choose and to control.. we are so sure of ourselves the moment we are choosing something or making a decision in general and we are sure we are in control.. not just in control of ourselves but of time as well.. so we go to a one place instead of other in that specific moment we think we have chosen and something random and meaningless happens (is it random and meaningless?) and we don’t even notice it.. so human way to think.. sometimes it makes more sense to me, that we are all drawn to that one path, path we have been going over and over again (reincarnation and stuff) and we have no control over it.. it might sound depressing at first.. but.. there is nothing you can do about it.. so why fight it? ( I told you it’s depressing)

Bottom line, I think everything happens for a reason.. and our path is already set.. Although my thoughts are still a mess about this topic, there is just too much randomness it can’t be coincidence.. and there is probably a good explanation for all of it but I just can’t bother to find it out just yet.. but I’m willing to let go off all the control I assured myself I have and just go down my path.. whats the worst thing that can happen?